Brought up in the world of cartoons and games, I have always been captivated by the universe of comics, animation, and all things visually fascinating.

Imagination played such a pivotal role in my life that I never stop aspiring to capture and express the world through my own perspective.

Always searching for such a medium to embody this dream, I found photography back in 2009 but it took me 8 years before I actually bought myself my first camera (which I am still using).

As a hobbyist photographer, I've always been provoking myself into thinking whether I can turn passion into something more.

And since I've always been a vivid travelling addict; an idea began to stir.

The desire to share stories creatively have always been a part of my life. Watching content creators and visual creatives tell amazing narratives through still images or compelling videos using strange, unique, personal and avant-garde ideas still baffles me today.

Interminably seeking to explore and create, my dream is to encircle the world with my imagination -

Sharing unspoken stories, unheard fables and unseen perspectives with the world.

I am currently extremely keen to explore and collaborate on shooting portraits, fashion or street labels at low to no cost. 

And if you're interested in any other collaboration or work at all;

from travel, street, tourism, or anything experimental, I'm down to give anything a shot.     Please hit me up!