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Brought to tears as sulfuric gas plowed through my gas mask, for a moment I had succumb to nature's unpredictable wrath. 


The notorious electric-blue flames of Ijen Crater amassed daredevils and adventurers from all around the world to brave through a dark summit climb before a crater hike down to witness this unique phenomenon. Even a sight better to behold after the sun rises is the acidic turquoise crater lake of Ijen.


Beyond the tourist facade are stories of sulfuric miners who breezes through this dangerous endeavor without any form of protection to earn themselves a living - the consternation comes with the revelation of their low paying wage.


Mt Bromo on the other hand, is a straightforward venture for views outside of your imagination worth every penny and sweat.

  • Cities: Surabaya (Mt Bromo & Mt Ijen)

  • Camera: Google Pixel 2 XL

  • Lens:

Mt. Bromo
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